Zeolitite ZEM70 improves fruits quality

Zeolitite ZEM70 improves fruits quality

Albicocche varietà Faralia, di prossima raccolta presso Az. Agr. di Claudio Pellerino a Magliano Alfieri, Piemonte

(Up in this picture: Apricots of the Faralia variety, to be collected in farming company of Claudio Pellerino at Magliano Alfieri, Piemonte)

It has been shown recently that Bal-co GreenLine Chabazite Zeolite application has improved the quality of the incoming maturation varieties of apricots, which is really appreciated by customers.

The main goal, creating a physical barrier against pathogens such as Monilinia, has been achieved thanks to Zeolite , which creates an hostile background, blocking insects growing.

Faralia apricots are shown in picture, they will be completely mature in incoming weeks; they have been treated with Zeolite ZEM70 in the farm of Claudio Pellerino, an innobvtive and environment-sensible farmer, who has been paid back for his braveness and determination with a very awesome yeld.

Congratulations to him!