The biological fight against olive-fly in olive crops can be won with kaolin


Use of kaolin is becoming increasingly widespread in olive growing, due to its completely natural strengthening and conditioning properties.

Useful also against possible sun damage and high temperatures, kaolin acts efficiently against the olive-fly which is attacking olive cultivations more frequently. Treating olive groves, particularly if they are organic, with micronized kaolin GREENC, enables the grower to reduce olive-fly disease because, as it adheres to the crown and trunks, it creates a protective film that discourages the fly from laying eggs, and can last for weeks if there is no rain.

Furthermore, the white coating, which appears after the product has been applied, increases the sun’s reflection, consequently reducing the internal temperature of the olive plants, thereby decreasing loss of product and water requirement .
The treatment necessary for counteracting olive-fly with GREENC kaolin requires a dosage of 4/5 kgs per 100 lts of water per Ha.

GREENC kaolin and all its components are usable in organic agriculture, in accordance with the CE 834/2007 and 889/2008 regulations. Authorisation is not required in accordance with D.M. 27/11/ 2009, n. 18345

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Dr. Prisa Domenico: Expert in innovative natural techniques for the cultivation and defense of plants.

Prof. Passaglia Elio: Former full professor at the University of Modena and Reggio Emilia, one of the world’s leading experts on zeolites with over 50 scientific publications in the field.