Balco GreenLine gets FiBL certification for organic farming

Balco GreenLine gets FiBL certification for organic farming

It is with great enthusiasm and satisfaction that Balco GreenLine finally announces the introduction of ZEP70 granular product in the lists compiled by the FiBL for the organic farming market in Germany.

The FiBL (in German: Forschungsinstitut für Biologischen Landbau, translated as Research Institute of Organic Agriculture) is an independent, non-profit research institute, with the aim of promoting science at the forefront of organic farming . It is recognized worldwide as one of the most technologically advanced centers in organic agriculture research field, has its headquarters in Switzerland and other branches in Germany and Austria.

The issuing of the certificate of conformity, of one year’s duration, allows the officially insertion of the zeolitite product in ZEP70 granular chabasite in a list of products certified for organic farming; this certification is a necessary and essential element to be able to sell products regularly on the German organic market.

After a few months’ bureaucratic process we can finally show with pride the achievement of this very important certificate, which once again qualifies our work devoted to environmental sustainability with natural and quality products.

Here you can find the english versione of the certificate!