Who are we?

Specialised in products that are permitted in organic farming


Bal-co GreenLine is a specific line of products that are permitted in organic farming and which safeguard human health and help environment defense.

Born from over fifty years of Bal-Co experience in the field of production and processing of mineral products for industry, the main goal of Bal-co GreenLine is creating products with a base of kaolin and Chabazite Zeolite, dedicated to safeguarding both man and the environment, ideal for use in organic farming.

Our chabazite zeolite is best defined as Zeolitite, because it has a zeolite rock content higher than 50%. Indeed, differently from more common zeolite, only Zeolitite can be considered a biological improver, in agreement with DM n° 75 of 17/01/2017.

Selection and processing of kaolin and Zeolite is carried out directly at our plant in Sassuolo, where top performance of the end product is guaranteed by the use of  appropriate techniques and by the experience of our staff.

The development of Bal-Co Green Line range is the result of a continuous search for targeted, effective and innovative solutions, which embrace market demand while respecting the increasingly demanding European regulations.

The Bal-co GreenLine mission is to promote sustainability by reconciling both productivity and respect for the environment, minimising environmental impact. This is achieved through seeking the experience and technical know-how of such experts as Mr. Prisa and Mr. Passaglia, and in cooperation with the University of Modena and Reggio Emilia.

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