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Processing minerals since 1966


Founded in 1966 by Dr.Giuseppe Ballarini, Bal-co has been developing experience and expertise in mineral extraction and processing for more than fifty years.

Company know-how of productive and mineral sources across the world, along with the the study and specialisation in minerals transformation through grinding and micronization, add performance value to Bal-co’s various fields of application, and which have now evolved into Bal-co GreenLine, the line dedicated to organic farming.

Mineral selection and processing are carried out directly at the company facility, which is located, not only geographically close to its clients, but which also represents Bal-co GreenLine’s position in relation to its market, following its evolution and technological innovations. For these reasons Bal- has become first choice as a distributor for important mineral companies.

A business culture shaped around flexibility enables Bal-co GreenLine to offer a service that responds to market demands: from the on-site warehouse stocked with finished products, to immediate delivery, efficient logistics and flexible production facilities, all of which bring the mineral producer and the product user closer together.

Mineral processing demands a constant and high level of quality control; indeed, Bal-co GreenLine has an ISO 9001-certified laboratory that guarantees production and distribution of safe and certified products.

Bal-co GreenLine mineral processing begins at quarry extraction, where careful quality selection is carried out with a strict internal Control Programme that includes: chemical, minerological, technological analysis, and quality-quantity analysis according to the Rietveld method.

After that, drying, sieving, micronization, the addition of microorganisms where necessary and bagging of the finished Zeolite and Kaolin products are performed within the production plant.

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