GREENC: micronized kaolin, strengthens and enriches the natural defences of plants

GREEN C is a micronized kaolin, free of polluting elements, which acts to strengthen and enrich plant defences


20 Kg or 10 Kg Bags

Reduces cultivation costs
Increases root development and productivity
Respects environment and health

100% rock powder. Product obtained by mechanical milling of non-polluting kaolin.
GREEN C is a micronized kaolin, with no pollutants, that works as a strengthener and enhancer of plants because:

  • It is a white, non-porous, alumino-silicate. It does not swell and it is a low abrasive; it disperses easily in water and is inert at different pH conditions.
  • It is a dehydration product, covering vegetable with a film that counters the effect of heat, significantly reduces watering.
  • The white layer causes increase solar reflection, which reduces the internal temperature of the fruit or vegetable and of their crowns, solar damage, and subsequent yield losses.
  • It creates a protective layer on the plant, which alters and fights pests and fungal diseases, with a non-direct physical effect on their development.
  • It’s easy to remove before and after harvesting, it allows transmission of the radiation necessary for photosynthesis and keeps out UV and infrared rays, without interfering with vegetable gas exchanges.

For cultivation in agriculture and olive growing apply between 4 and 6 kgs per 100 lts of water.


This product and all its components are usable in organic agriculture, in accordance with EC regulations 834/2007 and 889/2008. Authorisation not requested in accordance with D.M. 27/11/2009, n. 18345

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