ZEM70: chabazite zeolite, organic treatment for foliar protection

ZEM70 is the chabasite zeolite activated by the Bal-co GreenLine range. It is a completely natural Italian product, with conditioning, strengthening and enriching functions for the natural defences of the plant.

The benefits of Zeolite ZEM70 in agriculture promote the stability of the plant system, thanks to a high and selective CEC, and create a protective barrier against insects, pests and fungi attack.


1 Kg  or 6 Kg Small bags

Reduces cultivation costs
Increases root development and productivity
Respects environment and health

100% rock powder. Product obtained by mechanical milling of non-polluting zeolites.

  • Particularly effective on the treatment of leaves, its pseudocubic crystalline morphology makes surfaces very thorny, creating a protective barrier against pests and fungal attacks.
  • Very high and selectivity cation exchange capacity of ZEM70 chabazite zeolite, combined with a high molecular absorbance property and hydrophilia, increases PREVENTIVE self defence of plants, increasing QUALI-QUANTITATIVE YIELD.
  • Peculiar reversible hydration-dehydration property reduces temperature change and is able to protect both young buds and fruits from the burning action of sun, and also mitigates damage caused by spring frosts when temperatures drop.
  • It is a natural product, so it can be used when chemical products are forbidden, without phytotoxicity problems.

  • Kitchen garden/fruit cultivation Liquid treatment: 3/6 kg on 500 L of water per hectar. In the post-blossoming/fruit growing period, treat every 7-12 days depending on rain or moisture.
  • Viti-culture: Liquid treatment: 3/6 kg on 500 L of water per hectar. After plant revival, treat every 7-12 days depending on rain or moisture. On young grapes, close to the veraison period, 2-3 treatments in order to improve mechanical resistance of grapes.
  • Powder treatment: Use ZEM70 when the use copper salts is prohibited to prevent botrytis, using 12/16 kgs per hectar of the material alone, or 6/8 kg combined with formulation of copper and sulphur salts, to improve performance.
  • Flori-culture: Liquid treatment: 3/6 kg on 500 lt of water per hectar. Twice a week for a better-growing of plants.


This product and all its components are usable in organic agriculture, in accordance with EC regulations 834/2007 and 889/2008. Authorisation not requested in accordance with D.M. 27/11/2009, n. 18345

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