ZEP70: a natural conditioner with a chabazite zeolite base

ZEP70 is the chabazite zeolite with measured granules that has been selected for the Bal-co GreenLine range. It is a product with a conditioning function which enables the reduction of cultivation costs, increases root development and plant productivity, whilst respecting both the environment and human health.


25 Kg bags
1500 or 1000 Kg big bags

Reduces cultivation costs
Increases root development and productivity
Respects environment and health

ZEP70, a granulometric selected zeolitite, thanks to its high cation exchange capacity and marked selectivity for ammonia nitrogen and potassium given by fertilizers:

  • keeps these elements close to the root area, to then slowly release them according to the plants’ phenological needs.
  • improves the water retention of the soil and increases the amount of water available to the plants.
  • can recall helpful microorganisms and host them in its structure.
  • contains potassium and does not contain sodium.
  • drastically reduces leaching of nitrogen from fertilizers leading to a significant reduction of pollution in the water system.

  • 10-15% added to fertilizer
  • For new systems, 200/300 gr per young vine plant;
  • CLAY SOIL: 3-5 kg/m2 Recommended size: 3-6 mm (ZEP7036)
  • SAND SOIL: 1-2 kg/m2 Recommended size: 0-3 mm (ZEP7003)

  • Cationic exchange capacity: 2,1 ± 0,1 meq/g with marked selectivity for cations with low-solvation energy (NH4,K,Pb,Ba)
  • Water retention: 40% (w/p);
  • Effective pore diameter: 3,9 Å
  • Bulk density: 0,7-1,0 g/cm3 depending on granulometry


This product and all its components are usable in organic agriculture, in accordance with EC regulations 834/2007 and 889/2008. Authorisation not requested in accordance with D.M. 27/11/2009, n. 18345

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