How can you protect crops from late and spring frosts?

Zeolite agricoltura BalCo-GreenLine ZEM70

Late spring frosts? Protect your crops with zeolite!

Permitted in organic farming, entirely natural and certified, activated chabazite Zeolite ZEM70 of Bal-co GreenLine features an unusual pseudocubic crystalline morphology, which creates a protective layer over the plants, keeping pests and fungi attack away; furthermore, thanks to its reversible dehydration and rehydration property, it helps plants to reduce thermal excursion, not only protecting them from late frosts, but also from heat waves in summer.

Its cation-exchange capacity and ability to absorb molecules increase the plants’ self defences, thus improving the production yield in quantity and quality, and reducing rot that develops after lengthy periods of rain and high levels of humidity.

Zeolite ZEM70 and all its components are usable in organic agriculture, in accordance with CE 834/2007 and 889/2008 regulations. Authorisation is not required in accordance with D.M. 27/11/ 2009, n. 18345

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